Tamsin Henman - Cert.Path.Clin Hom, Dip B.F.D

I achieved a Distinction in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Conditions Caused By Pathogenic Infection (Based on the Principles of Clinical Homeopathy) from the Institute of Pathogenics and Clinical Homeopathy, and a Diploma in Bio-Electric Function Diagnostics from the Kaizen School of Pathogenics and Clinical Homeopathy.

I have also obtained a Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and created my own distance healing modality, Pathogen Whispering.

Having been treated myself with Pathogenics, I retrained and founded Lucalily Pathogenics in 2015.

I was trained under the expert guidence of Greg Wimbourne, and have taken my teaching and experience and built upon it to develop an amazingly unique modality that has become world renowned for the healing I offer my clients worldwide.

My journey into Pathogenics came from a lifetime of gradually declining health and below is my journey of becoming bed ridden with ME and how pathogenics became the light at the end of my very dark tunnel.


I was born prematurely at 31 weeks in 1974, it is likely that my immune system hadn't fully developed (albeit that's pure speculation). From age 6 to 8 I had tonsillitis almost constantly and took antibiotics every few months which had little effect, having back to back german measles and chicken pox and 6 weeks off school during this time.

By 9 years old I was suffering very frequent headaches. By 11 they were almost daily and I was popping Disprin (remember them?!?) like smarties just to get by. My first doctor did nothing other than tell me to come back when I had a headache (it took two weeks to book an appointment so clearly she thought we were psychic!), so after changing doctors the new doctor prescribed a daily tablet of the preventative medicine sanomigran at age 13, assuming it was hormone related.

Throughout adolescence I rebelled a few times and stopped taking them whilst also taking a steroid cream for acne, and by 23 was experiencing facial numbness and headaches that would last for weeks despite taking the sanomigran and often ibuprofen in large doses. I returned to my doctor to be told that I was on the minimum dose, take more as I needed, it was up to me to manage. That day I vowed to never take my prescription meds again or be reliant on chemicals any longer and my journey into alternatives began. Little did I know where the journey would lead me.

Cutting a very long story slightly short I tried chiropractics for a few years which helped but I could never go more than 3 months between visits so eventually got bored and stopped around the time I got married and fell pregnant. Following two children and two bouts of post natal depression I stumbled on low carb eating as a means of shifting the baby weight, which seemed to help my health, mood and headaches for a while.

By 2009, my son, then around a year old, was having digestive problems and my daughter, then six, was suffering stomach cramps and had dark circles under her eyes. Through a friend I was recommended to see a classical homeopath (a different treatment methodology to clinical homeopathy/pathogenics) that specialised in food allergy testing using kinesiology (or muscle testing). She analysed both the children and suggested some radical diet restrictions including cutting out dairy and gluten for my son and gluten for my daughter amongst other more bizarre restrictions. Both children improved but life became incredibly challenging trying to stick to their very restricted diets.

After the children stabilised on their new diets in 2010 I decided to get myself tested as I had always felt something wasn't right. Aside from the headaches I was now struggling to concentrate or think clearly, my memory was deteriorating and I was sometimes confused. I had IBS, very heavy peiods and fatigue with anxiety and depression to the point of suicidal thoughts, with the headaches and facial numbness still present. I was miserable.

I made an appointment with the homeopath treating the kids following their success. She analysed me and recoiled at my state of health, that to me had just become normal holding down a full time professional finance job and raising two kids. She told me I was not to undertake any stressful activity for the next month and that I had severe heart, thyroid and liver problems (she frightened the life out of me!). She identified an intolerance to gluten, lactose, chicken eggs, sulphites and sugar cane, which i removed from my diet.

My headaches and IBS initially improved, then returned. In early 2012 potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, almonds, di-saccharides, fruit except berries, rice and corn were also removed from my diet. Then in the summer of 2012 when I was experiencing headaches and IBS again the confusion became unbearable and having nearly crashed the car driving in the wrong lane I returned for urgent help. Yoghurt, cashews, blueberries, honey and tonic water were also removed from my diet.

I booked an appointment at the Nuffield for a full set of allergy blood tests, aware that I was deteriorating and my diet was becoming more and more restricted.They came back clear and I was told there was nothing wrong with me that they could detect. Maybe I did have intolerances but they couldn't measure those! A few weeks later and on a trip to the coast I made the almost fatal mistake of drinking a diet coke, then when trying to drive home couldn't remember which side of the road I needed to drive on with oncoming traffic approaching. Thankfully I wasn't alone in the car and able to get immediate guidance, disaster was narrowly averted but it scared me massively.

I sought out another homeopath feeling like there was still something big we were missing. Another recommendation from a friend and he used a BEFD (Bio-Electric Function Diagnosis) machine (similar to the one I now use) that I felt could better analyse where I was and whom I felt offered a more scientific approach that I could see working. I needed a second opinion as all of my symptoms were worse than ever to the point I could barely function. I had got to the point where I was stuggling to string a sentence together because I'd forgotten the words, they were always on the tip of my tongue but never came. I was failing at work, at home and exhausted with the charade of pretending that I was coping and that everything was ok.

He focussed on foods that were making me ill and measured my allergy point against different food vials and confirmed the previous gluten and lactose diagnosis but guessed there was a 'syndrome' at work due to the multiple symptoms I was experiencing and suggested I had candida. He gave me an incredibly restrictive diet and supplement regime to follow that he estimated would take 3 months to cure me (I should have spotted the quick fix claim was a little unlikely considering how bad I was and how long I had been poorly but I was desperate to try anything!)

The results were extreme. Three days into the new diet and supplement regime excluding all dairy, all carbs, all fruit and all sugars and taking some weird and very expensive over the counter products (not to mention unpalateable!) with copious amounts of raw garlic and I crashed (physically rather that anything car related this time). I went home from work pale as a ghost and took to my bed expecting to be low for a few days. That was the beginning of nearly eight months off work, most of which I spent in bed completely wiped out.

I couldn't do anything! I couldn't tolerate light or sound most days, couldn't bear to read, watch tv or use my phone. I mostly slept. I looked like something from a horror movie and my weight plummeted from 9 stone 2lbs to just above 7 stone (I'm 5ft 7ins), I was a bag of bones despite eating three cooked from scratch organic meals a day. I tried colonics and personally found the experience traumatic and of only very short term benefit in my case. My boss paid me a home visit and was so shocked he didn't think I'd ever be back to work, I think he thought I was dying. My doctor ordered a full set of bloods which showed nothing and he just said that it was difficult, he didn't really know what to do with me but assumed it was ME although he wasn't sure.

The months came and went. I contacted the homeopath again after 6 months to ask for a retest to see how things had moved as my tolerance to foods was getting worse and worse and foods I could eat one day would cause a severe reaction the next. He refused to see me, implying I was telling him he was wrong rather than my request to check where I now was. I was apoplectic, stopped taking the supplement regime he suggested and started to regain a little mobility as I forced myself to get up and active again, despite now living on virtually thin air as I had only a handful of foods I could consistently tolerate.

I was desperate. It was then that I scoured the internet for help, beyond desperation having been failed by all I had contacted for help but refusing to accept that no one could help me. It was then I found pathogenics while looking for an ME cure, although refusing to label it ME myself openly.

I began my pathogenic journey with an initial consultation where my starting score was 80 (50 being 'normal' and 100 being severly compromised - I was always curious what score it would have shown 6 months prior when I'd crashed). I explained my symptoms, which were confirmed with testing and not only were my symptoms recognised but understood and suggestion was made for associated 'odd' symptoms I had (which confirmed to me he knew what he was talking about). The relief to find someone that genuinely understood was indescribable. At last a glimmer of hope after 37 years of deteriorating health, it was like magic!

In the inital few months we tackled my fatigue, digestion and headaches and the changes were amazing. I started to function more and more, enough to get up and about and think straight, and decided that I had to return to work for financial reasons. My doctor called me into the office simultaneoulsy to say he couldn't keep signing me off as he didn't know what was wrong with me so couldn't explain to anyone why he was signing me off if he was audited. Thankfully I'd already agreed to go back to work part time and increase my hours as I could, it was now the summer of 2013. Four months later and I was back to work full time. By the beginning of 2014 I took on a new role at work and over the course of the year often worked 60 plus hour weeks (not sensible I realise but I was so overwhelmed that I could actually do it I overlooked the fact that I shouldn't be doing it!!).

My immune system was very compromised at the start of my pathogenic journey and I had multiple layered symptoms that have not been quick to fix, but I am out of the other side. I took the children to be treated and they are now both back on normal diets and doing well.

Life improved month on month. I am now able to eat anything and everything (and admit I have enjoyed much less healthy food for a while in celebration of being able to, so have come away from my slight 7 stone quite significantly and rather exceeded my original weight. To be able to eat anything again is so awesome after years of restriction!!) My headaches are virtually non existent (I still get the very occasional slight headache and am working to find that elusive last piece of the pathogenic puzzle to remove them completely), concentration and memory are back to the levels of a normal full time working mum of two, periods 'normal' and the depression and anxiety have lifted.

Time to re-evaluate life, the universe and everything. I hit a point where I realised that the stress of a career in a field that I didn't enjoy, working for a large corporate with the necessity to work harder and harder for less and less appreciation was not a happy life, and that my passion and heart belonged to pathogenics and not the finance career I had qualified for. The incedible recovery I had been given with pathogenics was an opportunity to help others with their recovery journey at a time of desperation...and so I followed what I felt was my calling and retrained as a pathogenicist.

And that, rather long winded but soul bearing story is my journey. No holds barred.

I understand where you are and how you feel because I've been there. It sucks and is soul destroying to be told it's in your head or to see specialists that tell you what you already know or in most cases less or be facing a lifetime of more and more medication. But there is hope. Whether it's fatigue or ME, IBS or a digestive disorder, a skin condition, urinary problems, migraines, constant headaches or just generally feeling constantly or repetitively unwell. There are so many pathogens in our collective libraries that the conditions I can treat are vast and too extensive to fully list. If you're not sure if pathogenics can help, call me or jump into my facebook group @PathogenWhisperer to get a feel for what I do.

I look forward to meeting you (virtually or in person) and becoming part of your recovery journey...