And here's what some of our clients have said in a few of our glowing testimonials.....

It's really hard to put into words just how dramatically my life has changed since being introduced to pathogenic treatment - it's been transformed!

 I was diagnosed with M.E. (chronic fatigue) in 2009 and since then have tried numerous treatments in order to alleviate the debilitating symptoms. Although some of these worked in the short term I always felt that there had to be something 'out there' that would tackle the root causes.  Then a friend asked if I'd heard of pathogens and recommended a website, which is how I was first introduced to Tamsin at Lucalily.

From the start everything about pathogenic treatment made sense.  Different pathogens responsible for each of my symptoms could be identified and eliminated from my body - for good!  The root causes COULD be identified and eliminated! These words were music to my ears and the thing I liked most is that Tamsin informed me that if I didn't feel any benefits within 2 months then my money would be refunded. What had I got to lose?

I began to notice the effects within 3 weeks of starting treatment and the difference it's had on my life has been astounding!

Almost all of my symptoms have vanished  and my energy levels have increased so dramatically that I can function normally, eat what I like now, and enjoy everyday activities once again. And the best thing of all is that the treatment is so simple and straightforward to follow. I  thoroughly recommend pathogenic treatment to anyone suffering from a chronic health condition.

C.C. Bedfordshire, UK.

And another....

Words cannot express how happy I am that I chose to work with Tamsin and receive remote healing. My main issues were IBS with constipation, horrible bloating, numerous food intolerances, fatigue, lots of right sided back pain, headaches and depression.

Tamsin identified 5 pathogens of primary importance and removed them- all in about 30 minutes!! I have been able to eat foods that I normally don't eat and I have had absolutely NO repercussions from doing so! No bloat or pain, no constipation- my gut actually feels normal. I can't remember when I have felt so good AND I don't have to be so restrictive with my diet! As for the back pain, I cannot believe that it has pretty much resolved. I had been going to the chiropractor for a few months with no improvement! So far no headaches either. And honestly, my mood and energy level has been better as well. I just feel healthier overall.

This has been fantastically amazing. I plan to continue to work with Tamsin in the near future to go after the other pathogens still present. I am completely sold on Tamsin's healing work. This has been so much more effective than anything else I have ever tried. Thank you Tamsin and Lucalily Pathogenics!!

C.M. Michigan, USA. 

And another.....

Tamsin's skills as an energy healer are unmatched. I had no idea what to expect walking into energy healing with Tamsin. At first she approached some long standing issues I'd been having with a sore neck and shoulders and fatigue. After clearing these issues I was able to greatly reduce the amount of sleep I needed and my caffeine consumption and my shoulders and neck were remarkably better! We've been working together on and off on a number of different pathogens and I'm always so impressed by how well the healings work! I can't suggest this enough. For new physical issues or long standing physical issues which you were told you'd "just need to deal with" by a physician - working with Tamsin is absolutely life changing!

Dr A.G. Hawaii, USA. 

And another.....

Tamsin has been treating me using pathogenics for the last year. Normally this involves visiting her, being tested and then remembering to mix and drink remedies and flushers at home until the pathogens clear. I find the pathogenic cures are great but the process can be rather a faff.

My visit to Tamsin last month was a revelation. She had already diagnosed the pathogens affecting me before I even arrived! She then tested me using Bernard (her electronic machine) which confirmed exactly the same pathogens and strengths. I then sat and watched amazed as Tamsin focussed on her crystal to clear the pathogens. More testing with Bernard proved that I was now clear. A few minutes to clear them completely, amazing! No more counting drops, wondering if I had taken them for long enough, no visits back to check!

I then developed a nasty cold, with ear infection and whooping cough. After a few days of suffering and at the point of thinking I must go to a Dr for antibiotics, I contacted Tamsin, and from afar, she detected and then cleared the problem pathogens overnight whilst I slept. I woke feeling much better. A miracle!

I have a very logical brain, I'm not into spirituality, and when Tamsin told me about the remote healing, I told her it sounded good but wouldn't work on me as I'm not into crystals, and probably have quite a closed mind. I don't understand how it works without me physically taking a cure, it's all rather airy fairy for me, but I could see the dial move on Bernard to prove both diagnosis and healing, and I know I am better!

Many thanks to Tamsin for all the healing both via conventional pathogenic remedies and the new mind-blowing remote version!

G.R. Essex, UK.