How Does it Work?

There are two types of face to face appointment, for remote appointments please see the 'remote' tab.

Initial (1st appointment) taking between 2 to 4 hours depending on the severity of your condition, and Follow Up (2nd appointment onwards) taking between 45mins to 2 hours depending on the amount of issues being treated.

Please find detailed walk throughs explaining each type of appointment below.

There are 5 steps to an Initial appointment;

1. We Discuss - We talk about you. How you feel. What health problems you have and your health history. Your family health history. Your travel history, work history and anything else that you (or I) feel is depth and unrushed, albeit steered by what is relevant to help us understand the pathogens that could be making you poorly.

I want to understand what 'health' is like for you and the journey you have been on and live each day. I want to understand where you want to be and what your 'normal' looks like.

2. We Detect - I use a small machine, called a Bio-Electric Functions Diagnosis (or BEFD for short) to measure the energy flow in your body.

The BEFD (or Bernard as I lovingly refer to mine!) is a basic meter with a metal bar at one end, a blunt metal pen at the other, a metal plate with holes in (which we'll come onto in a bit) and a dial in between to measure the flow of energy and any resitance to this energy flow caused by infection of inflammation in your body.

You hold the bar in your hand, and I will touch the pen to your other hand or either foot. Its totally painless*, aside from sometimes the bar can be a little bit cold. I will move the pen to different accupressure points on your hands and feet to measure different organs and systems and record the results.

(* occasionally certain points can feel slightly tender when pressed indicating that the corresponding organ or system is in distress)

Combining the readings from the BEFD machine, and the discussion from step one, I piece together the puzzle to correlate your symptoms with my knowledge of symptoms caused by specific groups of pathogens. I select boxes of vials containing the negative pathogen signatures to test as part of your energy circuit.

3. We Confirm - This is where the metal plate with holes in comes in. I take each of the boxes of vials that I have selected and check them against your energy flows to find exactly the right strains and strengths that will rebalance your inflammation, infection or condition.

I'll test the whole box of vials to confirm the specific strain, then each individual vial to confirm the exact strength. This tells me exactly what bacteria, virus, fungal, parasite etc that is causing one or several of your symptoms. The infection that you have is a live and positive version albeit most likely a very weakened remnant to have battled through your immune system, so you don't get full blown symptoms. The contents of the vial are the negative version of this, like an anti-phase or anti-venom.

When I find the exact pathogen strain and strength match they cancel each other out and the BEFD machine shows us a reading more in line with a healthy system. I repeat this until we have identified the pathogens causing your biggest issues, or the top four to eight for those with multiple issues. I will also identify which associated flushers or drainages that you may need in conjunction, using the same method, that are needed to flush away any eliminated material.

4. We Eliminate - I will discuss options with you and whether you would like to proceed. On the basis that you do wish to proceed I will talk you through each of the pathogens and the remedies that will be sent to you to kill off the strains and strengths of pathogens that are making you unwell. The remedies are in the form of drops and you will be sent 50ml bottles of the anti-version of each of the pathogens we are treating, to take as drops in water. The usual dose is 30 drops per day but it can be as little as a few sips of 1 drop per day if you are particularly sensitive. We will discuss how to find out your optimum dose.

Each 'type' of remedy that you take will need a corresponding flusher that the BEFD machine will indicate that you need. For instance one flusher may be needed for digestive issues, another for urinary issues etc. So you may only take one flusher for several remedies if the pathogens we are treating are all digestive only or all urinary only. Or if one remedy impacts different systems i.e. your digestion and your bladder, then you could need two flushers for one remedy. As a general rule you never take a remedy without a flusher and take twice as many flushing drops as remedy drops, but I will explain it all at your appointment. The flusher 'flushes' out the dead bacteria, virus, parasites that the remedies have eliminated.

Depending on how long you have been unwell and the number of health problems that you face will depend on how long it will take to eliminate each pathogen from your system. For each exact strain and strength of pathogen it would usually take between two to seven days to clear each step (though there are always exceptions). I will explain how you know when to stop taking each remedy and will always be available via phone or text to advise if you are unsure.The amount of steps depends how long you have had the pathogen and how quickly your immune system is able to clear them. On average a pathogen will take 3 to 4 visits to clear, and you can tackle four pathogens at once. At each new appointment (see Follow Up Below) you will be remeasured and moved to a new, weaker strength (assuming you have moved on from the current strength) to match the strength of the pathogen as it becomes weaker and dies off, until it is completely gone.

5. You Recover - Woo Hoo! Pathogenics does not manage symptoms, it eliminates or kills off the cause of the symptoms, usually permanently. Once a pathogen has been completely eliminated, there is nothing to cause you symptoms so therefore logically you recover. For each pathogen identified, a remedy will be provided to kill of that strength and encourage your immune system to join in and help to weaken to a lower strength (I'll demonstrate during the appointment). Recovery from each Pathogen strain may take several treatments, with progress visible on the BEFD machine.

The caveat - it can be, but is often not a quick complete recovery. If you have been poorly for a very long time and your health issues are complex, it is very likely that your immune system is so compromised that you have multiple issues. Some pathogens are quick and easy to remove especially if recently 'caught', others like fungals or inherited pathogens or pathogens that you may have had most of your life, can be much more resilient.

You will experience relief from some of your symptoms almost immediately but you do need to be prepared for a constantly evolving wellness. I will select the pathogens to tackle first that are causing you the most discomfort, so you should see noticible and significant improvements within the first few months and each month thereafter.

But there are often many layers of pathogens to work through, many of whose symptoms are being supressed by the loudest most shouty ones that are getting you down the most. By removing these big ones, then others may surface on the path to complete recovery, with new sets of symptoms seeming to appear from nowhere (think of it like peeling away layers of an onion, albeit hopefully with less tears!). In reality the symptoms would most likely have always been there, but to get rid of them, they sometimes get worse before they get better.

Each persons recovery journey is unique. It is not a quick solution if your immune system is compromised as there are often multiple health issues, but it consistently and repeatedly works, and usually offers a complete recovery when nothing else has or can*. If you have purely headaches or constipation for instance and no other health issues, your full recovery time may be a quick as a few months.

Follow Up Appointments 5 Steps still, but simpler and quicker

1. We Discuss - I'll run through how you've been, how you're feeling and how your symptoms have moved on.

2. We Detect - Whether we think the current pathogens are cleared, moved on or remained the same and whether anything underlying has become more or a nuisance.

3. We Confirm - I'll test with the BEFD machine to see how your spleen score has changed in relation to how you are feeling and what we have discussed (your spleen gives an overall inflammation indicator), confirm which strength the pathogens are now at and check to confirm any underlying ones that may have been uncovered by clearing previous stronger pathogens.

4. We Eradicate - as per above.

5. You Recover - as per above. Woo Hoo! Repeat follow ups until your symtoms and pathogens have all been eradicated or until decide you are well enough.

(* Infections and inflammation can be completely removed, if your issues are driven by more tangible means i.e. growths and stones etc, it may necessitate a long term management to keep them at bay homeopathically as the only way to completely eradicate would be surgical removal)