What is Pathogenics and how does it work?

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What happens during an appointment and how long does it take?

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What can you treat?

See the 'What' tab for an indication of low level chronic conditions that we can help with. If your health issue isn't listed and you're not sure if we can help, give us a call on 01525 863992, or ping us a mail to hello@pathogenics.co.uk and we can have a chat.

You mention follow ups are 4 to 6 weeks apart. Can they be more or less frequent?

Some people clear pathogens in a few days at each stage, if you are in a hurry to progress, and we have appointments available, we may be able to see you quicker once we know how your body reacts and you are used to knowing whether you have cleared a stage or not.

Appointments can be up to several months apart, but you must be aware that sometimes the pathogen you have cleared gains a little strength again in the time between appointments if it is an extended time period (prior to being fully eliminated), so as well as taking longer to clear by stretching out the appointments it may be a case of several steps forward and one back each time. Appointment frequency is determined by your preference.

You mention finding four to eight pathogens at a time, can it be more or less?

For your first few appointments we limit the amount of pathogens we treat to four with remedies, or five remotely (often one at a time), to see how your body responds to treatment and for you to get used to recognising when it is time to stop. We cannot 'create' pathogens that need treating, you can clearly see from the BEFD readings if a pathogen is contributing to your poor health. We may only find one or two.

Assuming there are multiple pathogens to eliminate, once you are an established client, we can treat as many pathogens between visits as we think you can clear (and afford), and will batch them in groups of four/five at a time, with time to 'flush' for two days in between each batch or 48 hours for your body to integrate remote healings. This will speed up your recovery and save you in fewer appointments needed, but is not suited to everyone. Some people take a long time to clear each batch, or are so poorly that they would be overwhelmed clearing lots at once.

How will I know when it's time to stop each pathogenic remedy?

During your consultation we'll discuss which symptoms are associated with each remedy and what will indicate it is time to stop each one. When the remedies arrive there will be an instruction sheet as a reminder of what to do and what symptoms to look for.

The remedy will cancel out the impact of the pathogen that is making you poorly at that strength. So if you suffer from diarrhea, the remedy should ease the diarrhea when you are taking it. As soon as the diarrhea is worse than the day before (not worse than before you took the remedy, then it is an indication that the cancelling effect is no longer happening and the pathogen has moved on from the strength of the remedy, and has weakened, needing a new remedy. It is not a side effect, but your symptoms showing in a weaker form. We treat each new strength until the pathogen is completely cleared and the symptoms are completely gone.

This does not apply to remote healing.

Will I experience a 'healing crisis'? What is a 'healing crisis'?

A healing crisis can manifest as flu type symptoms or a worsening of the symptoms you are trying to fix. Everybody is different. Some people are very sensitive, some people are completely overwhelmed with pathogens, while others, despite being poorly, seem to have the constitution of an ox. There is a 'usual' dosage of pathogenic remedies that suit most adults, but sometimes when you are sensitive or overwhelmed you need a reduced dose which will stop any 'healing crisis'. We will discuss the best approach at your appointment to suit you.

For remote healing if you are particularly sensitive to the energy we can slow the flow to clear each pathogen over as long as is necessary. 

When are consultations available, can I book online?  


Please see the 'When' tab. We have a new online booking tool available that allows you to schedule your own appointments, reschedule if you need to, and will send you reminders.   

Will you physically examine me?

No, we will discuss your symptoms and use acupressure points on your hands and feet only to take readings to confirm your symptoms and the required treatment during a face to face consult.

For remote consults everything will be done using your energy signatures detected from afar.

Do I need to do anything before my appointment or bring anything with me?

It is useful to have a think about places you have travelled, illnesses you have had and when your symptoms started or any key changes so it's easier to recall when we chat. 

For face to face appointments it is advisable to not wear tights or skirts as we will need access to your feet whilst sitting in a chair, some people like to prettify their toes but it isn't necessary. Please refrain from using moisturiser on your hands and feet before your appointment as this can affect the readings (although we can remove it if necessary)

Can you treat me if I am pregnant, or treat babies or young children?

Yes, the pathogenic remedies and remote healing are perfectly safe for all. We will reduce the drops/energy flow accordingly and will discuss dosage at your appointment.

There is a lot of bad press about homeopathy, saying it's witch doctory and it is going to be banned. Is this true and does it really work?

In the UK there has always been bad press about homeopathy and most likely always will be, as for being banned, who knows - am I worried, no. I could talk at length about my views, the role pharmaceutical industries play, the 'less is more concept' of classical homeopathy that attracted much of the bad press, the differences between classical and clinical homeopathy (see the 'What tab') but if I didn't believe in it and it didn't work I wouldn't have a business....or in fact my own health as it's how I personally recovered (see the 'Who tab').

Pathogenics is a very precise and accurate method of detection and recovery, that is repeatable, safe and it works, whether you believe in it or not. Ultimately if you're open to alternatives that's great, if you're not that's also great - it's an entirely personal choice about what you're open to trying to get better...we promise, no eyes of newt, cauldrons or wings of bat though!

Is there any way I can try remote healing before committing to a package?

Yes, we often offer free group healings via our facebook page @PathogenWhisperer that you are welcome to join.

What does Lucalily, of Lucalily Pathogenics mean?

Good question...it was something that resonated for me, being a combination of both my son and daughters middle names Luca & Lily, conveniently Luca means 'Bringer of Light' and Lily means 'Pure', so kind of fitting.

More questions?

Drop us a line to hello@pathogenics.co.uk and we'll do our best to help you out