Consultation and Remedy Costs

At your Initial Consultation approximate anticipated costs and timelines will be discussed.

As a guide;

Consultations Face to Face

Initial Consultation Face to Face £95

Specific Consultation (One Simple Issue) £45

Follow Up Face to Face Consultations £45 (usually every 4 to 6 weeks)

Remedies or Clearings £20 each (usually 4 at a time starting from initial consultation)

Flushers £25 each (usually varies from 1 to 4)

Remote/Distance Healing

Initial Remote Consultation + 5 Pathogens cleared 

Checking 200 Pathogens £125

Checking 1,000 Pathogens £255

Checking 5,000 Pathogens £375

Checking 10,000 Pathogens £495

Initial Remote Specific Consultation  £45

(One Simple Issue - Message us first to discuss)


Ongoing Remote Pathogen Clearing £20 per Pathogen or Toxin


There are no false promises or unrealistic timelines and we offer a 2 treatment money back* assurance to give you the peace of mind to try for yourself. If, in your opinion, you don't see significant improvements within the first two treatments, we'll happily stop your treatment and refund your money. No arguments, no persuasion to continue, and no restriction to a change of heart later on if you wish to resume treatment again. We're nice like that. We want you to get better and believe in what we do. If it doesn't work for you then we don't want to take your money if you're no better. Simple.

(*excludes initial consultation fee.)